Hi! I'm Rio Walker! I'm 25 years old and am living in Newport Beach, Ca with my cutie husband, Tane. We recently got married in 2020 and are loving every second of the married life with our two little (crazy) kitties, Ziggy and Gucci! 


I have been filming weddings for almost 8 years now, and continue to love it more and more every day. I love LOVE and capturing it for so many people is a dream come true! I am based out of SoCal, but love nothing more than to travel to shoot weddings. 

I can thank my very talented photographer mom for the career I have today! She initially introduced me to and encouraged me to pursue wedding videography and I am so glad she did! (Even when I was a moody teenager and gave her all the sass in the world for making me work at the time haha)

My mom and I now have the opportunity to work together every now and then and it is a dream! If you're interested in not only videography, but photography also, send me a dm and we would love to give you a quote for our bundled packages! 

Besos ladies!